About Us


The first Perez Optical was established in #662 Carriedo St., Sta. Cruz, Manila in 1957 (where it still stands today).

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It was the practice of Patrocinio Utchingco, M.D. who finished Medicine at the University of Santo Tomas (UST) in 1941 and took the Far East Graduate Course in Ophthalmology also at the UST in 1956 becoming one among the first batch of Ophthalmologists in the Philippines. She also studied units in Optometry at the Philippine School of Optometry in 1957.


The brainchild of her husband, the highly enterprising Cebuano Attorney-at-Law Emiliano Mayol Perez, who first had the idea suggested to him by some friends, the practice gradually grew in stature.

On the ground floor which was the optical there was originally a staff of three optometrists, two sales personnel , Dr. Utchingco, and Atty. Perez who acted as the receptionist. The Attorney however continued his Law practice at the second floor.


The third floor eventually became the ophthalmic laboratory. This enabled them to polish, surface and cut lenses thereby allowing them to make spectacles within waiting time. From then on Perez Optical became known as one of the first optical clinics where one could actually wait for the spectacles to be made, thus the slogan “THE GLASSES MADE WHILE U WAIT”. This pioneered the modern day set-up in most optical clinics of waiting for yours spectacles by nearly 40 years.

The Second Generation

Attorney Perez and Doctor Utchingco had seven children: Eriberto, Filomena, Emiliano Jr., Primitiva, Patrociño, Emmanuel and Eugeniano. Before 1980 all had studied and finished Optometry. Eriberto, Filomena, Patrociño and Primitiva finished as board topnotchers. All seven eventually had their individual practices through their own Perez Optical’s, all carrying as a tradition that which was begun in 1957.

Third Generation

From 1991 to this day, Primitiva managed this chain of Perez Optical’s, dominating the marketing and service aspects, and the formal operation was structured and managed by Dr. Sison.

They have three children:
Mervin, the eldest, has earned the degree Master in Entrepreneurship from the Asian Institute of Management and is involved in the operations of Perez Optical. He is a product of the revised 6 year curriculum and placed 6th in the 2009 Optometry board licensure examination.

James is a DPA certified licensed Optometrist, having garnered 9th place in the Optometry board examination back in 1999. He is also a licensed physician and a diplomats in occupational medicine. His focus is on Primary Eye Care.

Dianne, youngest of the three, is a graduate of Ateneo de Manila University. Having worked in fashion, arts, entertainment and media for the past 11 years, she is now responsible for marketing Perez Optical. She is currently taking her MBA in the Asian Institute of Management.